About CLIMB Hamilton

Whether it is for your own health, or the well-being of those around you.

Whether it's a hill, stairs or ramp,

Whether it's one or 100, we overcome the challenges in our community, one step at a time.

One Step for Health

Whether it's about you personally taking on a healthier lifestyle this spring, or the world taking on a healthier future …it all starts with one step. 

This spring take one step for health.

Donate to Climb Hamilton/Climb Canada with proceeds going to Food Banks Canada, share your one step on social media, tagging us and nominating three friends. 

  1. Donate to Climb Canada
  2. Share Your One Step on social media
  3. Nominate three friends, tagging us and them.

One Step for Health is an online challenge by CLIMB Hamilton. 

Recognizing the immediate challenges that the past year has poses in the lives of Canadians, from health to overall quality of life, Climb Hamilton aims to get Canadians to start with one step to not just address these concerns, but to overcome them together.

Through your contributions, sharing your personal One Step on your social media, and nominating friends to take up their own, Climb Hamilton will directly support Food Banks Canada and contribute additional funds to health initiatives directly in your community. 

Be sure to tag CLIMBHamilton or CLIMBCanadaChallenge and use the hashtags #OneStepCanada and #StepUP

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