Annual Community Climb – Climb Everest in Hamilton

Well, it has been the quite the year for all of us, and we are finally ready to present CLIMB Hamilton’s Annual Community Climb for 2020. This November and December take up the awesome challenge and join us as we Summit Everest in Hamilton.

The spread of COVID-19 has posed significant challenges in our community, from cancelling large events and gatherings such as the regular climb at Tim Hortons Field, to health and overall quality of life issues in our community. In response to this, CLIMB Hamilton organized two initiatives in the spring and summer to respond as best we can as a community. These included:

  • April’s The CLIMB COVID Canada challenge, supporting Food Banks Canada
  • The CLIMB Hamilton Virtual Climb on June 30th, supporting eight local not-for-profits

Now we are ready to present our last event of the year, our official 2020 Annual Community Climb. However, unlike previous years, this will not be a large gathering held at Tim Hortons Field. Rather, it will be driven by you and your team if you choose to make one, and built entirely around your time and ability, and the course? Hamilton’s scenic and accessible Chedoke Rail trail.

Welcome to the CLIMB Hamilton: Summit Everest in Hamilton challenge. Do you dare to climb Everest in Hamilton for the Total Health of your community?



CLIMB Hamilton is an annual athletic event in Hamilton, Ontario focused on overcoming community challenges together. We raise funds supporting what we call the Total Health of the Hamilton community. What is Total Health you ask? We define it as organizations that contribute to or operate educational initiatives for children, tackle food supply challenges, or contribute to healthcare in our community, particularly related to cancer prevention. Essentially:

Education + Food + Healthcare = Total Health

This year, like many other annual athletic events coast-to-coast, we made the difficult decision to cancel our Annual Community Climb to be held May 9th at Tim Hortons Field, to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.Of course, canceling a big, in-person event and canceling the spirit of overcoming challenges in our community are two different things. And whereas the spread of COVID-19 may prevent us from doing our typical Tim Hortons Field climb in Hamilton, it inspires us to adapt the spirit of the event, to recreate it so that we can both physically challenge ourselves and continue to contribute and support Total Health in our community, especially during this time.

Even while practicing proper health protocols and physical-distancing, we can climb together and we can overcome together. Sign up for our Annual Community Climb today!

Summit Everest in Hamilton – About

The Summit Everest in Hamilton is 2020’s official Annual Community Climb. Starting November 1 and until the end of the year, participants, including you, will be summiting the world’s tallest mountain from the comfort of Hamilton and sweating up support for:

  • Community - Food Banks - Hamilton Food Share
  • Education - HWDSB / HWCDSB / Empowerment Squared - supporting the health of marginalized families
  • Healthcare - Juravinski Cancer Centre

How it Works:

The CLIMB Hamilton: Summit Everest in Hamilton challenge will take place along the scenic, safe and accessible Chedoke Radial Trail, and will see participants summit this wide-open, uphill climb multiple times between November 1 and December 31. 

Did you know that Mount Everest is approximately 8.9 kilometres?

Did you know that the start of the Chedoke Radial Trail at the Beddoe Drive parking lot, until the trailhead peak at Scenic Drive is 2 kilometres? 

So how will this work?

Individual Challenge:

If you’re registering as an individual, start November 1 until December 31, you have to climb the Chedoke Rail Trail from the Beddoe parking lot to the Scenic Drive parking lot four and a half times, that half time stopping at the Mountview Falls overpass bridge.

Individual Registration fee: $50

Team Challenge (teams of 4):

If you are registering as a team, it is a $50 registration fee for each participant. With your team of four you will look to make a minimum total of five summits of Everest, and reach a team fundraising goal of $1,000/Team.

That’s right, each member of the team will have to Summit Everest in Hamilton once, and then as a team you have to climb it one final time (you can each take different sections and do this as a physically-distanced relay or on your own time).

Register online as a team captain and invite your team or have team members add themselves to the team. 

What we support


Supporting other non-profit organizations that support cancer prevention and Total Health in our community, including Food4Kids Hamilton, YWCA Hamilton, and the HWDSB – Hamilton Foundation.


Focusing on programs and initiatives that build understanding around health and healthy lifestyles that can contribute to cancer prevention in our community. We engage with school boards and post-secondary groups to make overall well being a priority for students of all ages.


Whether directly providing support to prevention research or bringing activity and support to healthcare facilities and initiatives in our community.

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