So Healthy 2021 means all-round total health, both for you and for your community. For you this could mean mental or physical well-being, for the community this means contributing to initiatives that improve health where we live. 

As we still explore ways to bring you fun, active-living challenges combined with campaigns that contribute back to our communities, this year we are kicking it off with our online campaign, One Step for Health with proceeds going to Food Banks Canada. 

Proceeds from 2021’s One Step for Health campaign go towards supporting Food Banks Canada at a time when many across our country are in need of health and nourishment.
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Don’t wait to be nominated, donate here then take a first step, tagging us and nominating three friends. 

About CLIMB Hamilton and why One Step for Health? 

CLIMB Hamilton is an annual athletic event in Hamilton, Ontario that raises funds for healthcare initiatives directly in the Hamilton community. In 2020, like many other annual athletic events coast-to-coast, we made the difficult decision to cancel our annual group event to help flatten the curve and stop the spread. 

Of course, canceling an in-person event and canceling the spirit of overcoming health challenges in our community are two different things. And whereas the past year may have prevented us from doing our little event in Hamilton, it inspires us to virtually reach out across Canada, be bigger, better, and help tackle nation-wide challenges.

Take up the Climb Hamilton: One Step for Health challenge today!

Where do funds raised by the One Step for Health challenge go?

Funds raised by the Climb Hamilton: One Step for Health challenge go towards the Food Banks Canada – COVID-19 Response Fund for Food Banks.

From Food Banks Canada:

As concerns and economic challenges have grown across the past year, we have seen the dramatic impact and challenges it’s put on the food bank network both globally and here in Canada. In Canada, where we already see more than 1M visits each month to a food bank, many of nearly 5,000 food banks across Canada report facing significant challenges as they work to provide their clients these essential services; challenges like drastic reductions in volunteers and having to modify business practices for social distancing. 

Providing food to those in need can be difficult at the best of times. Within the past year, that task got harder and there are signs of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the food bank system:

  • Food banks have seen drastic declines in the number of volunteers that are able to support their work in the days/weeks ahead. 
  • Food banks have concerns about the amount of stock they have access to as a dwindling workforce means fewer pickups.
  • Most food banks are worried about how to financially support themselves through this crisis and beyond. 
While the public continues to struggle, food bank users and other low-income Canadians cannot afford the same measure, leaving them more vulnerable.

Food Banks Canada’s first priority is to provide immediate support as food banks respond to the crisis now. This includes providing funds for food or sourcing all the essential food and support items we need for the food banks across the network, based on their current demand and business needs. We are also supporting them financially to change in innovating their operations, including creating alternative delivery systems that adhere to the social distancing guidelines set out by the Medical Officer of Health and World Health Organization. All of this is being done so we can continue providing essential services to clients. 

Following this, we will work towards stocking product in anticipation of an increased need in food bank services should the economy remain sluggish after the coronavirus is under control.

More about CLIMB Hamilton

CLIMB Hamilton began in 2007 as Climb for Cancer. Our founding vision was that everyone in some way is touched by cancer, but as a community we can work together to overcome it while promoting healthy and active lifestyles that contribute to its prevention. Our primary event was an annual stair-climb in Hamilton to raise funds for cancer research and prevention and Total Health initiatives in our community focused health, wellness and education.

As COVID-19 has impacted all our lives in 2020, like many other annual athletic events we made the decision to cancel to ensure the wellbeing of our participants.

Yet, you can’t keep a good climb down. Seeing the impact that COVID-19 has had and will have in our communities, we decided to shift online this year and engage Canadians coast to coast in climbing to overcome COVID-19. 

And that brings us to today and our national One Step for Health challenge, so donate, nominate and take your one step today, Canada!


Within the Hamilton community, CLIMB Hamilton annually supports:

Supporting other non-profit organizations that support cancer prevention and Total Health in our community, including Empowerment Squared, YWCA Hamilton, and the HWDSB – Hamilton Foundation.

Focusing on programs and initiatives that build understanding around health and healthy lifestyles that can contribute to cancer prevention in our community. We engage with school boards and post-secondary groups to make overall wellbeing a priority for students of all ages.

Whether directly providing support to prevention research or bringing activity and support to healthcare facilities and initiatives in our community.