Your One Step Challenge

Step 1: Declare your personalized One Step challenge.

Your One Step Challenge: To each according to their ability, we all take a step together. 

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Imagine what your one-step can achieve for those in need across Canada when those you nominate take up the cause and nominate others, and on, and on…
What will your one step be?

  • Show us the first step of your daily walk/jog/run
  • Show us the first step of a stair climb
  • Show us your first step in preparing a healthy meal
  • Show us your first step in reading a new book
  • Show us your first step in learning a new skill or taking on a new hobby

Be as creative, daring, funny or ambitious as your mobility allows, but also be sure to exercise safety

Most importantly, let Canada know!

What to say when declaring your challenge? It’s up to you, but you could start with:

"Thank you ______ (your nominator) for nominating me to take One Step for Health
Today, my one step is _______ (your challenge)
And I am nominating ________ (your three nominees)”
And don’t forget to donate!”

Step 2: Share your challenge and nominating five others.

Post your One Step challenge on your social media profiles and nominate three of your friends, tag them, tag us, and use the hashtags below!

#OneStepCanada #StepUp

Step 3: Select your donation level

The effects of the past year are felt not just in health and wellness but also in the pockets of Canadians. Contributing to food banks ensures that our family, friends and neighbours have food on their tables.